Wind data management

Wind measurements are a crucial asset in any wind farm development. Prevailing provides a secure and pro-active data management service to deliver bankable data when you need it.

We monitor all types of mast, LiDAR and SoDAR device.

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Relax, we’re watching

Automated systems are not enough. The Prevailing Data Management Service is founded upon the experience of trained wind analysts, supported by powerful data collection, handling and analysis systems.

You can relax, knowing a highly trained analyst has inspected data from each mast every day. An engineer will be in touch by email and phone as soon as a fault is detected.

The Prevailing Data Management Service gives total peace of mind over monitoring campaigns, with summarised status and results data delivered direct to your inbox every week.

Beyond the numbers

Wind data alone has diminished value. The Prevailing Data Management Service actively compiles information such as calibration, installation and maintenance documents, avoiding delays at the analysis stage. A full “mast information pack” is maintained at all times, with weekly alerts to missing information that could compromise the confidence in the data set.

Your data, available at all times

We are watching so you don’t have to, but when you need data, it is there.

All information is available immediately on a mapped network drive or automated delivery to your systems. This includes latest raw and processed wind data, long-term hub height predictions and site conditions, based on up to date data. A full folder tree including calibration, installation and maintenance documents is there ready to use.

Results ready when you need them

Through extensive automated analysis, our data management service is designed to support internal management and development needs. Long-term predictions are combined with comprehensive, detailed technical outputs to facilitate early decision-making throughout the development process, delivered to you weekly.

Service features

The service includes the following features:

  • Daily inspection by experienced wind farm analysts;
  • Rapid fault notification and resolution;
  • Secure data storage and off site back-up;
  • Mast data and document pack;
  • Up to date, comprehensive wind statistics;
  • Hub height long-term wind speed, wind rose and capacity factor predictions;
  • Parameters for IEC site classification;
  • Weekly monitoring campaign overview email;
  • Online access to comprehensive weekly measurement summary reports;
  • Cleaned data, monthly MERRA data, TAB files and other data outputs for easy internal analysis.

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