Technical Due Diligence

Investment in any sector requires a good understanding of the risks, and renewable energy is no exception.

Prevailing offers a full technical due diligence service to the wind and solar farm sector.  We bring together a team of individuals specific to each project, with the expertise and long experience to mitigate risk.

Our technical due diligence service is available in both lending and acquisition contexts.  The scope, depth and reporting are appropriate to requirements, and tailored to meet client and project needs.

Common technical solar and wind due diligence topics include the following:

  • Energy yield assessment
  • Wind or solar farm design and technology review:
    • Planning permission and leases;
    • Installed or proposed technology and track record;
    • Electrical system design;
    • Equipment warranties;
    • Grid connection agreement;
    • Power purchase agreement.
  • Construction and execution:
    • Turbine supply agreement;
    • Balance of plant contract;
    • Transport study;
    • Construction feasibility review.
  • Asset operation and maintenance:
    • O&M strategy review;
    • Assessment of project interfaces;
    • Assessment of financial model inputs.