Pre-construction yield assessment

Prevailing has estimated long-term yield at several hundred wind farms. We work at all stages of project completion through development, lender reliance and acquisition phases. Our clients rely on us for diligent and thorough analysis, coupled with concise reporting and prompt delivery.

We aim to support clients to improve yield and uncertainty from wind monitoring to operation. Senior staff bring development as well as consultancy experience, allowing us to focus on what really contributes to project value.

A proven approach

Our analysis methods reflect industry best practice, extended to improve accuracy where necessary. Results at all EWEA round robin studies to date are within 1% of the operational answer.

Experience, applied

Prevailing analyses projects in many parts of the world, and is able to draw directly on global experience with every assessment.

Our pre-construction and operational analysis functions operate within a single team, providing a close feedback loop between predicted and actual yield.

Advancing methods

Prevailing operates an active research program, developing and validating new techniques to remove bias and reduce uncertainty in yield. New approaches include improvements in CFD modelling, non-linear correlation techniques, and turbine performance prediction.

We aim to share our findings with a wide audience, for the understanding and benefit of the industry. Our work has been presented at forums such as the AWEA Wind Analysis conference and the Power Curve Working Group.