At Prevailing, we see great opportunity in operating assets. Combining our analysis capability and technical understanding, we work with owners to maximise revenue from their investments.

Ensuring compliance

Being confident that a project both complies with licences and regulation and meets contractual intent prior to takeover is essential. At Prevailing we combine our comprehensive knowledge of solar technology and contracts to ensure projects are fit for long-term service. Our team has inspected solar sites globally and we use this experience to benchmark sites against market standards, recommending best practice and practical improvements.

Get the most from your wind farms

Prevailing provides an advanced SCADA analysis service to help you manage your assets proactively to get the most from them. Without close attention, wind farms can under-perform, even at high availability. Small losses in turbine yield accrue from many sources, yet remain undetectable in operational reports. Operational yield analysis is the best way to detect problems and improve on pre-construction uncertainty. Our long-term energy forecasts can help refine budgets and support improved financing terms.

A closer eye

Our Performance Track service supplies a monthly email telling you what your wind farms should have produced last month, for comparison with actuals.  It is a monthly yield budget, considering real wind resource that month. Climate model data ensures total independence from SCADA data, and monthly figures are tuned to match your long-term budget on average. We help you keep a closer eye on your wind farms.

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