Operational yield assessment

The best long-term yield assessment is usually derived using the production data of the wind farm, post-construction.

A robust assessment requires around a year of operation since the start of commercial operations, and will require access to the full SCADA database, as well as metering data and operations reporting.

All about the detail

SCADA analysis provides a unique window into the historical operation of a wind farm, but numerous pitfalls exist if the data is not processed correctly.  Prevailing operates an advanced data processing system, allowing automatic import of common SCADA data formats, and detailed interactive viewing of turbine performance.

A full Prevailing SCADA analysis includes a comprehensive review of historical operational performance, including power curve consistency, controller changes, curtailment schemes and down-time causes.  This in-depth approach is vital to the accurate prediction of future yield and availability.

Reconciliation and improvement

Due to the uncertainties in pre-construction yield estimation, there are often differences once a project is built.  Equally, the project may not be operating as designed.  The in-depth approach taken to operational assessment allows us to reconcile the pre-construction and operational assessments to identify potential improvements in yield.  See our operational performance monitoring page for more information, or get in touch.