Bid with confidence

Prevailing is structured to provide you with clarity, quickly. Substantial experience and targeted analysis bring confidence to your financial model across pre-construction and operational assets. Our broad technical capability allows us to quantify yield and target risks across 3rd party documents, planning conditions, environmental constraints and raw data. Our goal is for you to know more about the project yield than any other bidder.

Working with you

Acquisitions commonly take place in a compressed timescale, and with rapidly assembled teams. Prevailing slots in to this process to work alongside you and other external experts. Through data room access, Q&A processes and early “showstopper” identification, we ensure that you have the right information in your model to make decisions early and with confidence.


Our combination of solar and wind farm expertise makes us ideally placed to evaluate mixed portfolios or co-located assets. We apply our comprehensive understanding of wind and solar technology, long term yield calculation methodology and licencing compliance requirements to identify risks and suitable mitigation.

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