Development support

Prevailing provides a broad range of technical services to smooth the path to a financial grade energy yield assessment.

Mast management

We provide a turnkey or advisory service for the design, installation, planning and operation of monitoring campaign assets. We compliment our clients internal capabilities to ensure the lowest analysis uncertainty through active management of the data collection process.

Our Wind Data Management Service gives unparalleled access to the data and early identification of faults, allowing rapid correction of problems and high data recovery rates.

Prevailing has extensive experience across all major equipment manufacturers, including masts, logging systems, instrumentation, LiDAR and SoDAR.

Wind farm design

Early identification of the right layout design saves cost and time through the development process. Failure to consider aspects such as turbine loading, forest, noise propagation can lead to costly revisions and unnecessary constraint of turbines for the entire operation of the project. These flaws are often avoidable through careful design at an earlier stage.

Prevailing applies a range of analysis methods designed to fit within the restricted budgets of early stage projects. Some analysis steps are often reserved for late-stage use such as CFD and in-depth noise analysis. These have been brought within reach, allowing their use before the layout is frozen.

Turbine performance risk maps

Developers often have internal layout design capability, however turbine performance is not considered as a constraint. Complex terrain and forest can lead to substantial major variations in performance, resulting in projects that under-perform or suffer substantial curtailment once operating. Prevailing provides GIS-compatible maps that use wind flow simulations to estimate turbine under-performance risk. These layers can be used as additional constraint maps, allowing internal design teams to avoid placement of machines in high risk zones.

Noise optimisation

It is often necessary to constrain turbine operation to meet noise limits at surrounding dwellings. Crude constraint schemes can result in higher noise levels, and lower energy yield than necessary. Prevailing offers a unique service combining industry best practice noise modelling with energy yield calculations to optimise energy yield within constraints.

This approach is complimented by an extensive library of turbine controller capabilities, ensuring the optimised scheme is feasible for each particular turbine option.