Towards financial close, from the start

Prevailing has a proven track record with a wide array of wind farm financiers, including banks, equity houses and pension funds. Every piece of engineering advice we give aims to reduce uncertainty and cost, and move your project towards a robust financing position. We have this goal foremost in mind from the first layout design to the last assessment for lender reliance.

Improving yield at every stage

Through the development cycle we work with you to maximise wind farm yield: optimal noise mode strategies, forest management for better wind flow and practical layout design for low wakes. Wind farms designed with care and experience really do generate more.

Making your data work for you

We are the only team providing a wind data management service with daily monitoring by analysis engineers, so that faults are seen and fixed quickly. Online secure access gives you total control of your measurements, while advanced automatic analysis provides up-to-date long-term resource estimates to your inbox every week.
For many development decisions you will already have the answers you need, without a formal analysis.

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